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Cake Pricing

Buttercream Rounds

The most basic of “custom” cakes. Simple smooth or textured buttercream in custom colors of your choice. (up to 3 colors.) A message, or message plaque can be added for no additional cost.)

6in (feeds ~12) $90.00

8in (Feeds ~24) $125.00

10in (Feeds ~38) $160.00

12in (Feeds ~56) $210.00

Custom Cakes

We are so excited to get started on your special creation! We will make your piece of art not only look spectacular but taste amazing. Most of our custom cakes are 5 to 6 inches tall and are a minimum of $100. Final pricing will be based on size and level of detail in the design of the cake. 3D structure cakes are a minimum of $325.

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